Life In Surrender

How easily life unfolds in surrender!

I’ve learned to play along with each moment. In awareness, words and actions freely flow, and all I have to do is play along. Playing along is really just sitting back and observing.

Events can even seem tumultuous, but in awareness, I do not experience the tumult outside of being aware that it is going on around me. Sometimes I choose to walk away from the tumult.

Essentially, if I am moved to say, “Yes,” I do. If I am moved to say, “No,” I do. Regardless of the choice, what follows a choice made in surrender is always perfect.

I am still moved by the simplicity of being, of Light, which A Course In Miracles defines as understanding. In any given moment, I can be void of thought, and someone will ask a question about awakening or being asleep, and the answer will simply dawn in my mind and come out of my mouth, and the answer comes easily, because Truth is very, very simple.

When you listen to awakened people talk, they often sound the same or say the same things. This is because Truth is so very simple.

In surrender, the events of life unfold in a way that ask nothing of me but to rest, to simply be and allow what is. Scheduling conflicts work themselves out. There is always plenty of time for whatever is happening to happen.

Since I felt myself yearn for connection recently, friends have shown up to ask for my time, daily, and our interactions have been inspired.

I have also experienced beautiful connections with people who seem to be minor characters in the movie of Ken’s life.

I wrote a post about when I realized I was yearning for connection. In the post, I wrote:

“I have ideas that go beyond friendship about another person. I don’t act on them, not because I think they are wrong or right, but because they are not applicable in the moment.”

I didn’t know what the ideas, the attraction, I had toward that person were for or even what they meant. I did not try to figure them out. I just let them be. I did not act, because I was not moved to.

Since the time of that post, I have had an experience with that person that showed me that not acting on my ideas was the best course of action.

It’s not as if I’m all-knowing. I had no idea that things would unfold as they did.

I am all-trusting. A good reason to surrender and trust is this, and this is a fact that can be difficult to accept: events always unfold in a way that is best for everyone. In trust and surrender, this is apparent.

It’s like traveling in a small boat down a large river. You paddle when and where you are moved to paddle. Your journey is always smooth. There is never any danger. Signs may point to danger ahead. People may point to danger ahead. For you, that danger never comes. The river is always smooth, carrying you along gently.

How easily life unfolds in surrender!

Update (I’m adding this an hour or so after I originally posted):
I’m going to use fake names for people I serve as part of my job. I just got a phone call from Darla saying, “You seem so different lately. I want what you have. I was talking to Stacey, and she mentioned you and how happy you seem, and she said she wanted what you have, and I told her I do too!” How fun is that? I’m going to Darla’s to talk with her in less than an hour. I’m excited to see how this unfolds!

via Daily Prompt: Insist


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