I’m Fired

In a previous post, I shared that I had made an offer of business partnership to a future competitor, because I was guided to do so. That future competitor was my employer.

There was an agreement that we would work together until June 1st. I offered to extend that agreement.

My employer contacted me this morning, giving me 2 hours notice to return business property or the property would be reported stolen and in my possession. Further legal action was also threatened.

I called my lawyer friend who assured me the police would not get involved. This was an idle threat that could go to civil court, but I would lose nothing.

I took a few minutes to sit and be still. In those moments, I knew I would return the property and allow the partnership to end. I had no desire for controversy, no desire to try to control what is.

In some senses I was not ready for this, but in the only relevant sense, I was ready. I am in complete acceptance of what is.

This could be a drama, a battle, a struggle. I’m grateful it’s not. I don’t choose for drama.

After making the choice to let go, UPS showed up at my door with my first order of materials for starting my own business. Perfect! All is well.



  1. One door shuts and another opens. It’s torture…I know….to feel threatened not only by legal action but the insecurity of unemployment. Right now, your inalienable right to feel secure within is being severely affected. I believe something will work in your favor when all is said and done. Persevere and keep living in faith.

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  2. Congratulations on starting you own business and choosing the higher road. It’s unfortunate your boss would rather compete than partner but you can’t control him. You’re doing what is best for you and following your own path. 😁

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