How I Write This Blog

As I near 100 followers, which I realize is a relatively small number, I think of and appreciate that words and ideas can travel so far, so fast now.

When I see that someone in Greece or India is reading what I wrote, I think it’s neat.

Sometimes I think I should take more time on the blogs I write, maybe give Greece and India a little something better.

The truth is, I don’t put much forethought into what I write. I sit to write, and a blog either comes or it doesn’t. I don’t work too hard to craft anything. I don’t make attempts to be clever. I don’t try to think of attention-grabbing titles.

Rather than presenting a polished piece to you, I prefer to present my thoughts to you as they come, as if you were in the room with me. I think it’s neat that someone in a nation on the other side of the world might feel like they’re in the room with me.

Hey, pass me the remote, will ya?

I write this blog like I write each moment. One by one, or as Anne Lamott would put it, “Bird by Bird.”

If you’re one of the followers who read, thank you. If you just followed this hoping that I would take interest in your weight-loss blog, you’re probably not reading this, but I hope you’re well, and I thank you.

Now get out of my room. I need to take a shower. haha



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